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Amid Security Concerns, Airline Grounds Flights

Another flight from London's Heathrow Airport to Washington D.C. was cancelled today, bringing the number of flights disrupted over the New Year's holiday to seven. And British Airways Flight 223 has now been cancelled for two consecutive days

U.S. Delegation to Visit North Korean Nuke Site

USA Today reports that North Korea will allow a U.S. delegation in to inspect a nuclear complex.

French Journalists Fired After Book Published

A French journalist has been fired for publishing a book in which he criticizes French coverage of the American-led Iraq war.

Editorial Roundtable: Arming Journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists reports most journalists who die in war zones are murdered — not killed in the crossfire. That's prompting many news organizations in Iraq to re-think their security policies. Should journalists carry guns?

From Cow to Beef

Journalist Michael Pollan followed a cow from the ranch to the freezer. In the process, he learned a thing or two about how American beef is produced.

Long Movies

Many winter blockbusters clocked in well over two hours. A film critic in the Boston Globe said that seeing "The Lord of the Rings" required "buns of steel." Here and Now film critics concur, and they join us to talk about the growing length of movies.

This program aired on January 2, 2004.

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