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IMF Warns About U.S. Deficit

The International Monetary Fund warns that the steep deficit in the U.S. could harm the global economy.

Bush Campaigns in Florida

President Bush goes to Palm Beach, Florida for some campaigning and fundraising.

Conn. Governor Makes Voter Appeal

Gov. John Rowland appeals to voters for another chance to keep his job. Rowland apologized for accepting gifts and lying about it. Some lawmakers say they want Rowland impeached.

Scholar of Warfare

Journalist Peter Maass talks about a profile he's done on a soldier who is a scholar of warfare when he's not in a tank in Iraq.

Democrats Take Aim at Tax Cuts

The hot issue among the Democrats running for the White House is the Bush tax cuts and what they mean to the middle class.

Letters 01/08/04

Listeners give us a few turns on the grill.


The rap group is hot, but it's news to a lot of people.

This program aired on January 8, 2004.

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