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Iraq, Pakistan Bombings Kill Nearly 200

Shiite Shrines in Baghdad and Karbala are targeted, killing at least 143 people. Attacks in Pakistan have killed at least 45. The blasts occurred as Shiites marked one of the holiest days in their calendar.

U.N. Releases Iraq Weapons Report

The U.N. releases a report today from inspectors who say they believe there were no WMD in Iraq after 1994.

Troop Preparedness

As U.S. defense officials rotate troops in and out of Iraq, we'll look at the issue of troop preparedness.

Industry of Body Parts

A report in Harper's details the emerging trade in body parts.

U.S. Airline Safety Branches Out

There's a new plan to have U.S. security personnel stationed at European and Asian airports.

Keeping Kids Away from Web Porn

The Supreme Court considers the issue of how Web surfing kids should be shielded from pornography.

NASA's Mars Debrief

NASA has a press conference this afternoon. Speculation is that the topic will be that Mars was once a world rich with water.

Tangle Eye

The New Orleans-based group remixes Alan Lomax recordings from the 1940s-'60s.

This program aired on March 2, 2004.

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