Show rundown for 5/18/2004

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9/11 Commission Looks at Terrorism Response

The 9/11 Commission meets in New York City to look at the emergency response to the terrorist attack.

State Department Terrorism Report Challenged

Rep. Henry Waxman of California criticizes a report from the State Department that shows a decrease in terrorist incidents.

India's Presidential Problem

Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi may not be India's next Prime Minister.


We look at software that spies on you.

Gay Marriage in Connecticut and Rhode Island

Two Attorneys General weigh in on whether their states will recognize gay marriage licenses from Massachusetts.

Saugus Gay Couple

Host Robin Young goes to Saugus Town Hall with two men seeking a marriage license.

Atkins Study

We speak to the author of a study of the Atkins Diet.

Fahrenheit 9/11 at Cannes

The new film from Michael Moore is shown at Cannes.

Iron Curtain Classical

Our classical music critic reviews music from behind the Iron Curtin that was performed during the 1950s.

This program aired on May 18, 2004.

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