Show rundown for 11/15/2004

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U.S. Keeps Focus on Fallujah

Fallujah check with Dexter Filkins, NYT reporter embedded.

U.S. Plans to Expand Guantanamo Prison

Despite questions around the legality of detaining "enemy combatants" at the Guantanamo Bay facility in Cuba, the United States is nonetheless forging ahead with plans to expand the facility.

Congress Back in Session

We talk with Congressional Quarterly reporter, John Broder about Colin Powell's resignation and Congress reconvening in a lame duck session.

How I Live Now: Meg Rosoff

Writer Meg Rosoff's first novel has been short-listed for a prestigious Whitbread Award. We hear about why she chose to write about adolescents, and hear her read from her book.

"Sonia Flew" - American Neverland

A play at the new Calderwood Pavilion in Boston focuses on the airlift of children out of Cuba after the rise of Castro. We talk with "Sonia Flew" playwright Melinda Lopez.

This program aired on November 15, 2004.

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