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Gitmo Detainess to Be Freed

Here & Now's Michael Goldfarb talks to us about the British Gitmo prisoners released this week, and about the enemy combatants in British custody who are expected to be released Wednesday.

Bush Press Conference

In the first formal news conference of his second term, President Bush reiterated his call for freedom around the world and he urged Iraqis to participate in Sunday's election.

New Life for Peace Process?

Israelis and Palestinians seem closer to a peace deal now more than ever. We'll take a look at the status of negotiations.

God and the Inaugural

A political science professor helps us decipher the religious messages in President Bush's inaugural address.

Another Storm Brewing

Many Boston residents are up in arms over the mayor's crackdown against the practice of claiming parking space.

Maestro Conlon

American conductor James Conlon is spending the year conducting American and European orchestras, and introducing the work of composers who were killed by the Nazis.

This program aired on January 26, 2005.

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