Show rundown for 3/10/2005

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Police: Suicide Linked to Chicago Killings

A traffic stop turns up a lead in the murders of the husband and mother of a federal judge.

Coup D'etat?

One year after the U.S. helped President Aristide of Haiti to leave the country, people are still wondering whether he left willingly, or was forced out.

Iraq Blast Kills Dozens

At least 36 people are dead after a suicide bomber attacked a funeral in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul today.

Terror Online

An internet terror conference in Madrid, Spain is looking at ways terrorists use the internet to plan attacks.

March Madness

This weekend is Selection Sunday. Bill Littlefield talks about March Madness

Letters from Listeners

We'll here from our listeners.

A Conversation with Author Anne Lamott

Her new book is called: "Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith."

This program aired on March 10, 2005.

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