Show rundown for 5/10/2005

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Cyber Attacks

Catching the perpetrators of a series of breaches into computer systems that served NASA, the US Military and research labs, proves difficult.

Jane Fonda

Here and Now speaks with Jane Fonda about... being Jane Fonda.

Spokane Mayor

Mark Jurkowitz considers the ethical issues for journalists reporting the case of Jim West, the mayor of Spokane, Washington. The reports say the mayor had been accused of molesting two boys while he was a sheriff's deputy, and as mayor offering to two men jobs after meeting them in an Internet chatroom.

New York Times

We speak to business reporter Mark Mills about some of the economic challenges facing the New York Times and other papers.

August Wilson

We speak to theatre critic Bill Marx about August Wilson, who has just finished his 10-play series about the African-American experience.

This program aired on May 10, 2005.

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