Show rundown for 9/19/2005

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Reopening New Orleans

The plans, and stumbling blocks, for reopening New Orleans.

Elections in Afghanistan

Taking a look at the Afghan voting process and the factors behind the lower than expected turnout.

The Road to Democracy?

Are elections are the best way to bring democracy to Afghanistan?

Displaced Students and Segregation

Students attending schools on military bases may be undergoing educational segregation.

Katrina's Toil on the Arts

The New York times reports that the New Orleans Museum of Art was largely untouched by Katrina. But not everyone in the New Orleans arts community was so lucky. We speak with Myra Mier, founder and director of the Jefferson Ballet Theatre in Kenner, MS.

An Island Home

Jill Nelson discusses her book that focuses on African Americans in Martha's Vineyard.

This program aired on September 19, 2005.

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