Show rundown for 10/13/2005

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Filing for Broke

Americans are stampeding to file for bankruptcy before Monday's new law makes it more difficult for consumers and businesses to wipe out their debts.

At Homes in Iraq

Lending new meaning to the term "embedded journalist", Anne Nivat writes on life in Iraq from a unique vantage point.

Expert Training

Proponents of natural infant hygiene believe their method of "elimination communication" is a cheap, sanitary, environmentally friendly alternative to diapers.

Strike Three You're Safe

A controversial call in the bottom of the 9th evens the series for the White Sox.

Best of Science Writing

MIT professor Alan Lightman is the editor of "The Best American Science Writing 2005." Bumblebees, life on Mars, and Freud are a few of the topics covered in the collection.

This program aired on October 13, 2005.

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