Show rundown for 10/18/2005

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Homeless in the Himalayas

Snow and plummeting temperatures threaten the 3 million Pakistanis without shelter in the aftermath of last week's earthquake.

Plame Indictments

Judith Miller received a First Amendment Award from The Society of Professional Journalists for spending 85 days in jail rather than revealing the source for an article she never wrote.

Billing the Wounded

The Wounded Warrior Project aims to help the 15,000 Americans wounded in the Iraq war.

Evacuations in Taunton

A buckling wooden dam is all that protects Taunton's downtown from Lake Sabbatia.

Love Your Body

The newest play by Eve Ensler, "The Good Body," is a solo performance on the extremes women go to achieve an impossible standard of beauty.

This program aired on October 18, 2005.

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