Show rundown for 11/18/2005

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Congressman, Administration Exchange Salvos Over Iraq

Congressman John Murtha called for a complete pullout from Iraq, in response Bush denounced him as a "liberal."

"Congagement" and China

The Bush administrations trys to limit China's military reach while continuing to engage it economically.

Rare View Inside the Hermit Kingdom

Christopher Morris was allowed to enter and photograph isolated North Korea.

We've Got Mail

We open up the envelopes and boot up the computers to see what are listeners have to say.

Indoor Voices Please

A Chicago businessman tells children to use their indoor voices when they visit his cafe.

What are Young People Thinking?

Vanity Fair magazine has an essay contest to try to tap into young people's heads.

Film Festival Seeks to Inspire Young People to Action

Teenage film makers from the across the country are coming to Boston this weekend for the country's longest running teen-curated film festival.

This program aired on November 18, 2005.

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