Show rundown for 11/15/2006

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Iraq Kidnappings

Were the kidnappings from Iraq's Higher Education Ministry just the latest attempt to target members of Iraq's academic community? We speak to Mosa Jad Aziz, the President of Baghdad University.

New Leadership in Congress

Republicans and Democrats formalize new leadership. We have the latest from Capitol Hill. Guests: Gail Russell Chaddock of The Christian Science Monitor, The Boston Globe's Rick Klein

Bankrupt Delta Airlines Rejects Bid

U.S. Airways Group has made an $8 billion cash and stock bid for Delta Airlines. Delta has filed for bankrupcty protection, but has repeatedly made statements that it was not interested in a merger. Guest: to be determined.

Where in the World is...

This is Geography Awareness Week. We test our knowledge with Barbara Chow, vice president of children's programs at National Geographic.

Your Brain on Music

We speak to Daniel Levitin author of "This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession" about how our brains process tunes.

This program aired on November 15, 2006.

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