Show rundown for 2/28/2007

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Markets and the Economy

We speak with Mark Zandi of Moody's about the state of the economy in the wake of yesterday's market drop.

Iran, Pakistan Al Qaeda and the Bomb

We speaks to Michael Scheuer, a former CIA analyst who has become a prominent critic on how the U.S. has fought terrorism.

The Lost Tomb Of Jesus?

A documentary says Jesus wasn't resurrected and is buried in a suburb of Jerusalem. We speaks with journalist Bruce Feiler about this claim.

A New Life

A man who was one of Hungary's top music promoters finds a new life in LA. He's starting all over, but at least he has found what he wanted: a smoke-free environment.

Borat Fatigue

A filmmaker from Kosovo comes to the US with a camera and finds "Borat fatigue."

This program aired on February 28, 2007.

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