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Congressional Democrats' Next Move

With a presidential veto in hand, what is next for the Democratic-led Congress and war funding? To find out, we speak with Gail Chaddock of The Christian Science Monitor.

The History of Jamestown

The celebration of the 400th anniversary of Jamestown kicks into gear this week, with Queen Elizabeth touring the site of the first permanent English settlement on Friday. We look back 400 years with historian Jill Lepore.

Political Upheaval in Turkey

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan's choice for president sparks protests over fears it would put secular Turkey on the path to an Islamic state. For more, we speak with Dr. Steven Cook of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Grammar According to Gary Spina

The adventurer cum high school teacher says as a boy he was a bad student. To help his students master gerunds and adjectives and verbs, he's written "The Mountain Man's Field Guide to Grammar: A Fearless Adventure in Grammar, Style, and Usage."

Bob Elliot of Bob and Ray

We speak to Bob Elliot of Bob and Ray fame. The radio duo got their start in the 1940s here in Boston when they were called in to fill airtime during baseball rain delays.

This program aired on May 2, 2007.

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