Show rundown for 6/6/2007

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Investigation of Tuberculosis Case

Congress probes whether U.S. public health officials mishandled their role in the case of the Atlanta man who traveled to Europe and back with a case of dangerous, drug resistant form of tuberculosis.

Unspun: Fact Checking Iraq

We speak with Brooks Jackson, co-author with Kathleen Hall Jamieson of Unspun: Finding Facts in the World of Disinformation. Jackson runs the Fact website that looks at the facts behind a candidate's claim...or lack thereof. Jackson discusses the spin and disinformation around the war in Iraq.

Exeter Responds to Republican Debate

New Hampshire voters debate presidential contenders Reporter Jon Greenberg of New Hampshire Public Radio is tracking the presidential race through the eyes of undecided voters in Exeter, New Hampshire. Jon joins Here & Now with views from Exeter after last night's Republican Presidential Primary debate.

Therapy Ethics and the Sopranos

The HBO show "The Sopranos" has raised questions about the ethics of revealing that one is treating a patient, as well as refusing to continue to treat them. We speak with Doctor Harvey R. Greenberg who specializes in psychoanalytic media criticism.

Trading I-Pods with Bob Dylan?

We talk with Here and Now critic-at-large Ed Seigel who's been imagining what's on the I-Pods of Bob Dylan and Sopranos producer David Chase.

This program aired on June 6, 2007.

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