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Exactly one week after a massive earthquake in Sichuan Province, Chinese across the country paused for three minutes today to honor the thousands of people who died.

Sharia Law

In his new book "Islam and the Secular State: Negotiating the Future of Shari'a" Emory University law professor Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im argues for what you might call "the separation of mosque and state."

Sports Injuries

We visit the sports clinic at Boston's Children's Hospital where doctors are seeing kids as young as six for injuries that were once unheard of in children. Reporter Barbara Howard speaks with Doctor Lyle Micheli and with some of his young patients. The American Academy of Pediatrics says up to half of all injuries seen in pediatrics sports medicine nationwide are related to overuse.

No Left Turn for UPS

As companies around the world search for flashy new ways to reduce their carbon footprints, United Parcel Service is focusing on greening simply. As part of a larger route redesign program, the international shipping company is asking drivers to avoid making the left-hand turns that can cause drivers to idle at intersections and waste fuel. We speak with Michael Hance, vice president of UPS' Automotive Engineering and Operations.

Olive Kitteridge

We speak with author Elizabeth Strout. Her highly praised new book "Olive Kitteridge" uses 13 short stories to tell about the life of one woman in a small town in Maine.

This program aired on May 19, 2008.

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