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Women and the Democratic Party

Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman joins us to talk about Hillary Clinton's historic campaign and about what Clinton and Obama have to say to each other. Goodman's first convention was back in 1972, when Shirley Chisolm was running for president and was also nominated for the vice presidency. It was the first time women had been a real force at a party convention. Also, we hear from PUMA, People United Means Action - or Party Unity My Ass. Many of these Clinton supporters are angry at the process and want it changed.

Roll Call

How will the roll call vote nominating Barack Obama unfold tomorrow night? A report in today's Denver Post suggests that important details are still being worked out - delegates might vote at breakfast in their hotels tomorrow. Furious Hillary Clinton backers are circulating a petition to try to stop that from happening. We speak with Peter Wallsten, who's in Denver covering the convention for the Los Angeles Times.

Senator Kerry on What Obama Has to Do to Win

The most recent democratic presidential nominee is Sen John Kerry - who lost to President Bush in 2004. Kerry explains what Obama and the democrats have to do to win. They have to respond hard, Kerry says, to Republican attacks.

Damon Runyon

The writer and journalist Damon Runyon got his start in the newspaper business in Colorado. He covered the 1908 Democratic convention here and went onto fame in New York City. The musical Guys and Dolls was based on two of his stories. We look at his Denver roots with John Insilin, a reporter with the Rocky Mountain News and historian of the Denver Press Club.

This program aired on August 26, 2008.

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