Excessive Snow Causes Huge Public Transit Delays For Bostonians

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As early as last night, transportation officials were warning of messy conditions, especially dropping temperatures that were turning 16 inches of snow into ice.

This morning, commuters who ride the MBTA, Boston's public transit agency, were facing massive delays and cancellations on almost every single line.

MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott has even advised residents to avoid the trains if they can Tuesday.

"Quite candidly, if you don't wind up having to use the service, that probably is a plus," Scott said. "I'm just going to be candid — I've never said that in my life, but I don't want to wind up misleading anyone."

The T, as it's known, has been playing whack-a-mole for more than a week. as soon as one problem gets solved, two others crop up to take its place, she said.

And Scott says it will likely be at least four to five days before the system gets back to normal.

"I wouldn't even begin to talk about what you would call 'regular.' We did not in fact wind up saying oh, we're going to try to run this schedule. We're just trying to run the best that we can with everything that we have," she said.

All of this comes as Boston prepares to host a rolling rally - a celebratory parade for the Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, tomorrow, and where Mayor Marty Walsh is asking people to take public transportation to the event.

"I would suggest everyone take the MBTA. Do not drive into town. There's really no parking right now," Walsh said.

Walsh says he's hopeful the MBTA can boost service for the increased passenger load tomorrow, something Scott calls unlikely.

This segment aired on February 3, 2015.



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