DJ Sessions: Barcelona's Psychedelic Trance Scene Welcomes Everyone

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Psychedelic trance originated out of Goa, India, as a combination of electronic dance and 1960s and '70s rock music. Today, it's played all around the world, including in Spain, where Óscar Esteban (@ravingcaveman) is DJ for "The Raving Caveman Show" on Barcelona City FM.

In this Here & Now DJ Session, Esteban shares selections from the Spanish psytrance scene, and tells host Jeremy Hobson that part of what makes the genre special is its laid-back, welcoming vibe.

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Music From The Segment

Owntrip, "Re Create"

Lupin, "Boomshakalaka"

Frequency Less, "Round Two"

Green Beats, "Green Poison"

This segment aired on March 14, 2018.



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