Detroit Sports Columnist: Red Sox And Dombrowski 'A Happy Marriage' 

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Dave Dombrowski, who served the Detroit Tigers as president and general manager for the last 14 years, has officially joined the Red Sox organization as president of baseball operations.

The Sox introduced Dombrowski to the press Wednesday afternoon, and he talked about what it means to him to be at Fenway.

"I know everything will be great until we lose a ballgame, but it's also a situation where we look forward to really building upon what's been built here," Dombrowski said, "and continuing to grow the organization to being a World Championship-caliber club on the field."

Lynn Henning, a sports columnist for The Detroit News, joined WBUR's All Things Considered to discuss Dombrowski's time in Detroit and what he might bring to the now-struggling Sox.

This segment aired on August 19, 2015.


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