Analysis: How The Final Debate Went — And What To Expect As Election Day Approaches

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There are now just two and a half weeks to go before the country chooses its next president. And major-party nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have had their final face-to-face showdown.

In their debate Wednesday night, Trump flatly denied allegations in recent days from several women who claim he made unwanted sexual advances. Both candidates attacked one another's characters and laid out very different views on the American economy and foreign policy.

Our political analysts — Democratic strategist Dan Payne and Republican strategist Todd Domke — joined Morning Edition to talk about the debate and what to expect next.

This segment aired on October 20, 2016.


Headshot of Dan Payne

Dan Payne Democratic Political Analyst
Dan Payne is a Democratic political analyst for WBUR.


Headshot of Todd Domke

Todd Domke Republican Political Analyst
Todd Domke is a Republican political analyst for WBUR.



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