One woman's story about affording child care, while working in early education

The child care system in the U.S. operates in a precarious balance. It's often a strain on family budgets. Yet, the workers who provide this essential service often don't make enough to afford child care for their own kids. It's a big reason why some workers say they have chosen to leave the industry.

As part of WBUR's series on the cost of child care, we take a closer look at one parent's story about working in early childhood education. This comic was inspired by Vanessa Pashkoff, who lives in western Massachusetts.

"I've been in early education for about 15 years."
An early education teacher struggles to pay for child care for her own children.
An early education teacher decides to leave her job.
A former early education teacher wishes she could return to her old work, if it paid better.

With reporting by WBUR's Carrie Jung.

The cost of child care:


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