Audio Diary: Father And Son Journey From Little League To The Pros

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For baseball-loving dads, few dreams can top the prospect of a son making his way to the big leagues. Spencer Moran isn't there yet. But last year he was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays, and in May he made his first start as a pro at the Rays' extended training camp in Port Charlotte, Florida. While in Florida, Spencer sat down with his father, KJZZ's Mark Moran, to talk about his journey to the pros.

Spencer started playing baseball when he was four. "I think your mom taught you to throw," Mark remembered.

"Yeah, she's the one who stuck the ball in my hand. Looking back on it now, I'm kinda frustrated she didn't put it in my left hand, but it's okay. It worked out," Spencer said.

Mark coached his son's teams back in the early days. "Man, we played a lot of baseball," he said.

"I'd kinda do my own little routine that I'd made up," Spencer agreed. "And I'd get dressed and wait for you to come home and go in the back and maybe hit off the T or whatever to get ready for the game. I wanted to be just like those guys on TV, and one day I wanted to be out there. I wanted everyone to watch me doing what they do."

On Wednesday, Spencer was assigned to the Princeton Rays, the team's high rookie ball team in West Virginia. But his father isn't likely to stop worrying.

"I probably think about the fact that he's a pro baseball player more than I should, and I dwell and brood about, 'How's he doing?' And I think he's doing pretty well," Mark says.

To listen to Mark's audio diary, click the play button above. Happy Father's Day!

This segment aired on June 20, 2015.



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