Understanding The AI Warfare And Its Implications

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(John Moore/Getty Images)
(John Moore/Getty Images)

There’s a new kind of global arms race underway.

Artificial intelligence-enabled armies are being designed and planned — right now. China is determined to dominate the AI battlefield of tomorrow, and Robert Work, co-chair of the National Security Commission on AI, is ringing the alarm bells:

"We are not organized to win this competition. We just are not," he says. "We have got to take this competition seriously, and we need to win it."

The Pentagon promises to build an "ethical" AI army. Journalist Patrick Tucker with Defense One says that won’t be easy.

"The real worst-case scenario is that different governments deploy AI that isn't well thought through," he says. "So don't worry about being evil. Worry about it being fast and stupid. And that is a much easier worst-case scenario to realize, especially in the next three to four years."

Today, On Point: the coming AI war.


Gen. John M. Murray, commanding general of the United States Army Futures Command.

Patrick Tucker, technology editor for Defense One. (@DefTechPat)

Heather Roff, special governmental expert for the Defense Innovation Board who wrote the Department of Defense's AI Ethical Principles. (@HMRoff)

Also Featured

Gilman Louie, commissioner on the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. Co-founder and Partner of Alsop Louie Partners, an early-stage technology venture capital firm. (@gglouie)

Mikel Rodriguez, machine learning researcher at MITRE, an operator of federally funded research and development centers.

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This program aired on July 29, 2021.

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