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Mushroom and tomato pizza at Upper Crust. (cherrylet/Flickr)
Mushroom and tomato pizza at Upper Crust. (cherrylet/Flickr)

If you've eaten at one of the many locations of the gourmet pizza chain, Upper Crust, you might be interested to know that your slice has a bit of a checkered past.

The business filed for bankruptcy protection last month, and this week abruptly shut down 10 of its 16 restaurants, and laid off 140 employees.

Over the years, the company's largely immigrant labor force has complained about working conditions and wages. After investigating, the federal government ordered Upper Crust to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages to its workers.

Jenn Abelson, who covers the retail sector for The Boston Globe, joins Radio Boston to discuss what has led to the demise of the company.


  • Jenn Abelson, Boston Globe reporter covering the retail sector and focusing on business strategies of local companies

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This segment aired on November 15, 2012.