Isis Parenting Closes

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The Needham-based Isis Parenting announced on Tuesday that after a decade of providing new and expecting parents with education and training, it would close its doors.

How is Isis going to handle the many customers who have signed up and paid for classes? Are there other companies moving in to fill the void Isis is leaving behind for new parents? WBUR's Anthony Brooks spoke with Boston Globe features reporter Beth Teitell and blogger Christine Koh.


Beth Teitell, Boston Globe features reporter. She tweets at @BethTeitell.

Christine Koh, founder and editor of “Boston Mamas,” a blog for Boston families. She's also author of “Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less.” She tweets at @bostonmamas.


The Boston Globe: "Jolting Communities, Isis To Shut Its Centers"

  • "Isis classes could run to $250 for an eight-week session, thousands of customers went to its centers annually, and hundreds of thousands participated in webinars, chats, and other online services. The popularity captured the societal truth that with large numbers of women in the workforce and families far-flung, many new parents want to take classes for what were once basic child-rearing skills, and they want help finding baby-centered friends."

CommonHealth: "Isis Parenting, Boston-Area Institution For New Moms, To Close"

  • "Social media comments speculate that the closing comes after an investor pull-out, but Coughlin does not explain the “why” of the closing in her letter."

This segment aired on January 16, 2014.


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