MCAS And PARCC: Debating Massachusetts' Testing Future

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The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will decide soon whether Massachusetts will keep its current test, the MCAS, move to the PARCC, which is aligned with the common core curriculum, or a combination of both in what's being called "MCAS 2.0."

State education officials seem determined to move beyond the MCAS. What should the future of testing be in Massachusetts?


Sandra Stotsky, former senior associate commissioner in the Massachusetts Department of Education, a former member of the Board of Elementary and  Secondary Education and professor emerita at the University of Arkansas. She's a co-author of a new Pioneer Institute paper titled "How PARCC’s False Rigor Stunts the Academic Growth of All Students."

Lindsay Sobel,  executive director of Teach Plus Massachusetts, which tweets @teachplus.

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This segment aired on October 29, 2015.


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