Week In Review: City Council Election, Prisoner Release, Education Funding, Fantasy Sports

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Our week in review panel, featuring Renee Graham and Shira Springer, goes beyond the headlines.


Renee Graham, op-ed contributor to The Boston Globe. She tweets @ReneeYGraham.

Shira Springer, investigative reporter for the sports section of The Boston Globe. She tweets @ShiraSpringer.


WBUR: Newcomers Elected To Boston City Council, Ousting Long-Serving Members

  • "There will be some new faces on the Boston City Council next year. Political newcomer Andrea Campbell defeated the council’s longest-serving member, Charles Yancey, to take the District 4 seat in Tuesday’s municipal election. And in the at-large race, Annissa Essaibi George upset longtime incumbent Stephen Murphy."

Radio Boston: What Prison Sentence Reduction For Nonviolent Drug Crimes Means For Massachusetts

  • "About 6,000 drug offenders are being released from federal custody, it’s the largest onetime release in U.S. history. Around 100 of them will be returned to Massachusetts. It’s a result of the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s decision last year to cut drug sentences by an average of two years, and a concerted effort along with the Obama administration to reduce the number of incarcerated drug offenders by 50 percent."

WBUR: Fantasy Sports Could Be On Your Next Mass. Lottery Scratch Ticket

  • "The Massachusetts Lottery is the most successful state lottery by far. In a year, it sells $5 billion of scratch tickets, jackpot and KENO drawings. One billion of those dollars flows to the 351 cities and towns in the state. But lottery Director Michael Sweeney says it might be time to alter the popular recipe."

Only A Game: Daily Fantasy — State-Run Edition?

  • "FanDuel and DraftKings don’t require friends. Neither will the version of the game offered by your state government. Any friendless malcontent will able to get down his dimes and quarters at the corner convenience store with somebody who doesn’t know his name and doesn’t care to know it. The fantasy sports betting cards will be hanging behind the clerk, right next to the other colorful invitations to squander money earned, inherited or stolen. This is until the state enables everybody to bet electronically, just as the aforementioned betting juggernauts currently do."

Radio Boston: Recalculating The Cost Of Education In Massachusetts

  • "Monday, a Legislature-established commission came out with its report on how to overhaul the state’s school funding formula, and how much that would cost. Here’s the short answer: at least $430 million, if the state adopts just two of the commission’s four major proposals."

This segment aired on November 6, 2015.


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