Boston City Council Considers 'Just-Cause' Evictions

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A view of Maverick Square in East Boston, where just cause evictions are an issue. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)
A view of Maverick Square in East Boston, where just cause evictions are an issue. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

At City Hall Plaza Monday, housing advocates and protesters gathered in support of a proposal that could lead to significant changes in the city's rental laws. They're calling for a so-called "just-cause" eviction ordinance. We've covered this story extensively on Radio Boston, and the issue could move forward as the proposal receives its first official hearing before the Boston City Council.


Jamie Bologna, Radio Boston producer. He tweets @jamiebologna.

Radio Boston's "Evictions In East Boston" Series

Evictions In East Boston: The Push For A ‘Just-Cause’ Ordinance

  • “They threw us on the streets without compassion. They knew we were human beings, but nothing mattered to them. That’s unjust. They put us in this situation. We didn’t ask to leave our homes, especially in the way they threw us out.”

Evictions In East Boston: Landlords On What A ‘Just-Cause’ Ordinance Would Mean

  • “Landlords say the proposal to regulate evictions for ‘just-cause’ creates ‘de-facto rent control,’ and that it would have disastrous effects including, ‘housing deterioration, no new housing construction, death of small property ownership, destroying neighborhoods.'”

Evictions In East Boston: Housing Lessons From San Francisco

  • “There’s really only one long-term solution, which everyone from city officials, tenant advocates and housing economists agreed upon. San Francisco has to build its way out of its rental crisis.”

Evictions In East Boston: How Can Boston’s Housing Be More Affordable?

  • "Now we’re turning the conversation to our listeners –you’ve been emailing and tweeting us all week about this and we want to hear from tenants, landlords, students, everyone."

This segment aired on March 14, 2016.


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