How's Dating These Days? It's Complicated

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These days, you can look for romance in all kinds of places, but that doesn't mean it's gotten any easier — and the #MeToo movement has added another layer of complexity.(daveparker/Flickr)

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love and the ones you love — be they a significant other, or friends and family.

These days, you can look for romance in all kinds of places — a dating app or web site, social media, maybe even at work or during a night out. But that doesn't mean dating has gotten any easier. In fact, in a world where millions of suitors are at your fingertips, dating has become quite complicated — such that some are taking a computer-hacking approach to finding "the one."


Paris Alston, Radio Boston producer. She tweets @BonjourParis_.

Eve Zuckoff, Radio Boston producer. She tweets @evezuckoff.

Meredith Goldstein, advice columnist for the Boston Globe Love Letters advice column and podcast. She tweets @MeredithGoldste.

Joseph Reagle, associate professor of communication Studies, Northeastern University. He tweets @jmreagle.

This segment aired on February 14, 2019.

Callum Borchers Reporter
Callum covered the Greater Boston business community for Bostonomix.


Paris Alston Host, Consider This
Paris Alston was WBUR's host of the Consider This podcast and a former producer for Radio Boston.


Eve Zuckoff Freelance Producer, Radio Boston
Eve Zuckoff was a freelance producer for Radio Boston.



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