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Special Hour: Innovation In Medicine, Robotics, And The Arts In Greater Boston51:56

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We're talking about innovation in Boston as we debut an innovation of our own: WBUR CitySpace, a new home for public conversation in Boston.

For the special live hour, we speak with two local researchers about work being done to advance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, including a mammogram that can be read by AI technology and the use of blood biopsies to improve cancer treatment.

The MIT Cheetah 3, developed in MIT's Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory (courtesy of Sangbae Kim)
The MIT Cheetah 3, developed in MIT's Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory (courtesy of Sangbae Kim)

Plus, we'll speak with the creator of the MIT Cheetah 3 and learn why the future of robotics may actually come from the natural world.

Also, from a handful of people and a few fliers twenty years ago, Grubstreet is now one of the nation's premier literary groups. What has the organization done to grow and include a diverse community in that growth?


C.A. Webb, president of the Kendall Square Association. She tweets @ca_webb.

Jesse Boehm, associate director of the Cancer Program at the Broad Institute where he directs the Cancer Cell Line Factory initiative. He tweets @boehmjesse. 

Regina Barzilay, a professor at MIT, a member of the school's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and a MacArthur Fellow.

Sangbae Kim, director of MIT's Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory, associate professor of mechanical engineering.

Eve Bridburg, founder and executive director of Grub Street, a creative writing center based in Boston. She tweets @evebridburg.

This program aired on February 28, 2019.

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