Local restaurants prepare for a second pandemic winter as omicron surges

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Starting on Jan. 15, adults will have to show proof of one COVID vaccine shot to enter restaurants, entertainment venues, and fitness centers in the city of Boston. On Feb. 15, that requirement goes up to two shots. The same requirements will apply to children starting in March.

That's a lot for restaurants to implement at the door.

Meanwhile, omicron becomes the dominant strain in Massachusetts, and cases and hospitalizations continue to climb, and that will affect peoples' dining behavior, too. This in an industry that's struggled to weather this pandemic for nearly two years already.

We start with checking in on how the business community as a whole is handling this new vaccine mandate with Greg Ryan, senior reporter with the Boston Business Journal. Then, we take your calls and hear from Nancy Caswell, president of Massachusetts Restaurants United, and owner of Brine in Newburyport and Oak and Rowan. Also with us is Emma Hollander, managing partner at the Starlite Management Company, which owns restaurants in Somerville, Cambridge, Newburyport and Plum Island.

This segment aired on December 22, 2021.

Amanda Beland Producer/Director
Amanda Beland is a producer and director for Radio Boston. She also reports for the WBUR newsroom.


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