Ask the Docs: A tale of two pandemics

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A doctor with a stethoscope. (Getty Images)
A doctor with a stethoscope. (Getty Images)

Right now, it appears cases are dropping in Massachusetts — from 146,355 new cases two weeks ago to 109,703 last week... that's a good thing. Yet at the same time, Massachusetts nurses last week asked Governor Baker to declare a state of emergency in our hospitals, they are so strapped. And nationally, 27 states had more cases last week than the week before according to USA Today, but that means 23 states didn't.

All of these things are the same can that be? How can we be living in both worlds at once?

Luckily it's Tuesday, which means we have Ask the Docs to help us sort it out.

Today we welcome back Dr. Davidson Hamer and Dr. Benjamin Linas, both infectious disease physicians at Boston Medical Center and professors at BU's school of medicine.

This segment aired on January 25, 2022.

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