As MLB lockout continues, businesses dependent on game days wonder what's next

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It's March, which means spring is around the corner, along with baseball. Or rather, it would usually mean that.

Major League Baseball and the players are deadlocked in their negotiations to reach a new collective bargaining agreement.

Nine days of talks in Jupiter, Florida ended in failure last week, and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced the cancellation of the first two series of the regular season, scheduled to begin March 31. An effort to restart the talks yesterday didn't go anywhere.

But while fans might be disappointed and players frustrated, with stadiums empty, businesses who depend on the baseball season have a lot to lose.

Jen Whyte, co-owner of Fort Myers Brewing Company, which is right by spring training facilities down in Florida where the Red Sox and a handful of other teams practice, joins us to talk about what these cancelled games mean for business.

Plus, David Littlefield (or rather, the "Sausage Guy" as he's known), president of The Sausage Guy, also joins us to talk about what it's been like over at Fenway.

Finally, we turn to Boston Globe sports business reporter Michael Silverman to dive a little deeper into what it will take to end this lockout.

This segment aired on March 7, 2022.

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