Field Guide: A taste of Mattapan

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Today, we're heading to Mattapan, looking for food. This culinary quest is part of WBUR's Field Guide to Boston — a station-wide effort to help you connect with the city's communities.

WBUR arts reporter and Mattapan native Arielle Gray joins us as a local guide on this episode of The Common, and takes us to three of her can't-miss spots for top-tier food in the neighborhood.

Here are Ari's recommendations:

Ali's Roti Restaurant | Trinidadian cuisine

1188 Blue Hill Ave.

"Ali's is that spot that I feel like has been there forever. If you live in Mattapan and you want trendy food, this is the place to go to — it's always been that spot, ever since I was a kid. I can't really think of another place nearby that has the reputation that Ali's has."

A dish to try: Roti — a piece of bread where you put all the toppings in the middle and fold it up. Darryl and Ari had one with chickpea, potato and pumpkin.

Café Juice Up | Smoothies

1290 Blue Hill Ave.

"This is a one of a kind place. If I want a smoothie or something fresh, there's really nowhere else to go, so it's the best and one of the only options in the area."

Drinks to try: Darryl had a Power Up Smoothie with kale, spinach, banana, soursop, tamarind and ginger. Ari tried the Sea Moss Goodness with sea moss and a pineapple base.

Le Foyer Bakery | Haitian patties

132 Babson St.

"It's just one of those neighborhood staples that everybody knows about and frequents. I don't know anybody who lives in Mattapan who hasn't been to Le Foyer at one point or another."

A dish to try: Haitian patties — small hand pies stuffed with chicken, beef or fish. Darryl had the chicken patty and Ari tried one with beef stuffing.


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Darryl C. Murphy is the host of WBUR's daily news and culture podcast, "The Common."


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Katelyn Harrop is a podcast producer for WBUR's daily news and culture podcast, "The Common."



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