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Circle Round is a listener-supported podcast. Donate to WBUR today and receive a Circle Round coloring book full of *NEW* illustrations and fun activities. 

For those who already have a copy of the book, please click HERE for the answer key to the word search!

Circle Round recently released its very first soundtrack album!

Circle Round CD cover
Circle Round CD cover

Every week on Circle Round, kids and the grown-ups they love enjoy folktales from around the world adapted as radio plays: all featuring original music by composer Eric Shimelonis. Eric scores each story with a different solo instrument: one that reflects the tale’s cultural origins, or possesses the right dramatic sound.

While you’ll recognize instruments like the piano, upright bass and xylophone, many may be new to you, like the ney, mbira and pipa. As a result, whether you’re 3 or 93, 'The Music of Circle Round Volume I' provides a wealth of opportunities for cultural diversity, education, and timeless entertainment.

Download 'The Music of Circle Round Vol I' as a digital album, and/or purchase hard-copy CDs here: iTunesAmazon, CD Baby

Note: The Music of Circle Round Volume I features the Circle Round theme song, along with the original score from every story in Season 1 of the podcast. Volume 2 (featuring music from Season 2) and Volume 3 (featuring music from Season 3) will be available at a later date.

Print the coloring pages below and color while you listen! (Just click on the links). All illustrations for Circle Round and the Circle Round coloring book are created by artist Sabina Hahn.

  1. It Could Always Get Worse
  2. Stella And The Dragon
  3. Why The Ocean Is Salty
  4. The Happiest Person In The World
  5. The Rice Cakes And The Oni
  6. The Barber's Secret
  7. The Owner Of The Sun
  8. The Woman Who Lived In A Vinegar Bottle
  9. The Lion's Whisker
  10. Thunder And Lightning
  11. The Princess In The Mirror
  12. Onions And Garlic
  13. Clever Manka
  14. The Shepherd's Disguise
  15. The Magpie With Salt On Her Tail
  16. The Answer You Seek
  17. Latchkey Stew
  18. The Forbidden Knot
  19. The Goat In The Garden
  20. Sadko And The Sea
  21. What Am I Hearing?
  22. The Magic Cloth
  23. The Drum
  24. Share And Share Alike
  25. Three Wishes
  26. The Hat, The Horn, And The Purse
  27. Maushop And Grandfather Sun
  28. Ashes For Sale
  29. The Piper And The Pooka
  30. The Lamb With The Golden Fleece
  31. A Taste Of Honey
  32. The Friendship Orchard
  33. The Perfect Partnership
  34. The Skylark
  35. The Months Of The Year
  36. The King and the Cobbler
  37. The Unwelcome Guest
  38. Cow Wells and Cow Bells
  39. When Fish Fly
  40. 100 Rooms
  41. Dollars and Scents
  42. The Tug of War
  43. Fiona and the Fairies
  44. Armadillo's Song
  45. The Princess and the Egg
  46. Turtle Island
  47. The Unjust Justice
  48. A Feast for your Ears!
  49. Maya's Feathers
  50. Wit and Wordplay
  51. The Dancing Goats
  52. Road Trip Reels: Family Ties
  53. The Golden Flask
  54. The Queen's Gift
  55. The Woman In The Moon
  56. The Emperor's Challenge
  57. The Most Powerful Of All
  58. The Great Ball Game
  59. Three Clever Brothers
  60. A Bird In The Hand
  61. All That Glitters
  62. Sweet Corn and Clever Rabbit
  63. The Star Fruit Tree
  64. The Lute Player
  65. The Three-Legged Pot
  66. Lazy Jack and the Leprechaun
  67. Grandfather Stone
  68. The Magic Bowl
  69. Curious Boots
  70. Rabbit's Wish
  71. The Great Acorn Robbery
  72. One Speckled Hen
  73. The Rusty Cowbell

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