'Endless Thread' Solves A Wacky Internet Mystery Thousands Wanted Answered!

Ben 'Geedis' Johnson and Amory 'Geedis' Sivertson - co-hosts of Endless Thread - dropped their latest episode 'Geedis' on Aug. 23 revealing the Reddit mystery more than 16,000 Geeders were trying to solve for the last two years!

Geedis (Courtesy Stacen Goldman/Framingham History Center)
Geedis (Courtesy Stacen Goldman/Framingham History Center)

Here's some background from our very own Amory Siverston:

This started with a comedian named Nate Fernald, who stumbled upon some Geedis enamel pins on eBay in 2017. He thought they were intriguing and bought them, without having any idea who Geedis is and where it came from. He couldn’t find ANYTHING online about Geedis, so he took to social media to find answers, and had a story published by Atlas Obscura about the mystery of Geedis.

The mystery got picked up by people on Reddit, which led to the creation of the Geedis subreddit, where people post theories about who this character is, what “The Land of Ta” is, where it all came from, etc. This subreddit now has more than 16,000 people! There’s also a smaller  Land of Ta subreddit, devoted to spin-off art. Someone (not a redditor, I believe) figured out that Geedis came from THIS sticker sheet – The Land of Ta – printed by Dennison in 1981. As far as anyone can tell, The Land of Ta wasn’t a TV show or movie or book. There are two other Land of Ta-related sticker sheets though, also printed by Dennison. THIS one, and THIS one. Redditors have hypothesized that the “Women of Ta” sticker sheet was designed by a different artist.

Nate Fernald now has 80+ Geedis pins. We still don’t know when/why the pins were made or by whom, and why there only appear to be Geedis pins and no pins of the other characters. We also don’t know whether The Land of Ta was intended to be more than just a sticker sheet, but people believe all of these answers lie with the artist who designed the stickers. Redditors STILL don’t know who the artist is… BUT I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have we piqued your curiosity? Find out who the artist behind the Geedis pin is on Endless Thread's new episode —

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