Quotation Of The Week: A Terror Investigation, A Fatal Shooting, A Brother Speaks

What’s This? A newish feature. Each week, we’re going to pick a newsworthy or huh?-worthy or whoa-worthy quotation that stuck with us.

OK, What’s This Quotation? Two big, ongoing news stories — terrorism and police use of force — collided in the parking lot of a Roslindale CVS Tuesday morning, when 26-year-old Usaamah Rahim, who was under 24-hour surveillance by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, was fatally shot by officers after authorities say he lunged at them with a lengthy knife.

According to an FBI affidavit, Rahim sought to "go after" police officers, and a congressman said he had been spreading ISIS propaganda online.

On Thursday, the family viewed surveillance footage of the shooting, and Rahim's brother, Imam Ibrahim Rahim, joined WBUR's Fred Thys for an interview about their reaction to the video and their family:

Where Can I Find Out More About This Topic? Here's our story about the criminal complaint, and here's what we know about Usaamah Rahim.

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