Our Week In The Web: March 13, 2015

We're sometimes at a loss to find the best way to capture all of your opinions on our broadcasts, especially those of you who take the time to listen around the country and around the world when we're not still on air. (In case you didn't realize: it's well possible you hear the steady On Point Radio drum beat at at time that isn't live and taking phone call comments to our host). Should we push you to our sometimes unwieldy comment section? Ask you to mention us in a tweet? Encourage a Facebook comment or post that includes your thoughts and helpful additional links? We're not entirely sure, and it ultimately depends on your digital preferences. But we've received more than a few after-hours complaints about phones as of late, which leads us to wonder on better ways to gather and include your as-you-listen thoughts when they occur whenever you listen. There's no new announcement here; just some open conversation starting here while we have your attention.

The Most Listened-To Shows Online (March 6, 2015 — March 13, 2015 )

1. Medication and Female Moods (March 5, 2015)

2. Week In The News: Netanyahu's Speech, Hillary's Email And Obamacare At Court (March 6, 2015)

3. The Battle For Tikrit And The Fight Against ISIS (March 9, 2015)

4. What You Really Find When You Look For Atlantis (March 9, 2015)

5. Corruption And Xi Jinping's China (March 10, 2015)

Our Favorite Guest Quotes From This Week

"The CIA wants to be transparent with Congress, believe me." — Dennis McLaughlin 

"I used to go to Boston's Tower Records, and the classical section was like where they kept porn. The opera room was even worse." — Nico Muhly

"If Boston and New Orleans had a baby, it would be Ybor City in Tampa." — Dennis Lehane

"If OU and its response to the SAE incident was a textbook example of crisis communications, Hillary Clinton's email reaction was the opposite." — Nedra Pickler

Our Favorite Comments (Facebook, Twitter and Disqus) From This Week

"Probably a lot less priceless art in small suburban museums." (Donny Thao)

"Thanks to everyone at @OnPointRadio I will miss you. (@SamGaleRosen)

"I can't stop laughing! Then I cry." (Jalapeno Schwartz)

"I wonder if you could ask Nico if he could contact ALL the major companies about the dreadful muzak they put on when you are on hold. (Especially insurance companies!!) It is sound pollution, as far as I am concerned, and sets our teeth on edge before we even have the privilege of speaking to the poor customer service reps who don't deserve to be yelled at! He would be cleaning up the world!" (Wendy Robinson Osgood)

"the only reason to go to a mall anymore is cinnabon. #justsayin" (@rainbowfishhh)

Our Favorite Bit Of Internet This Week

This adorable video of Robert Downey, Jr., presenting a boy who has a partially developed arm his very own Iron Man bionic arm. (YouTube / #Collective Project)


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