From India To Latin America: Portraits Of A Global Pandemic Far From Over

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A man being vaccinated against COVID-19, at a district hospital in Noida, India. (Sunil Ghosh/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)
A man being vaccinated against COVID-19, at a district hospital in Noida, India. (Sunil Ghosh/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Life is moving toward normal in the U.S. But the COVID pandemic is still surging internationally. We discuss what it will take to beat the global pandemic, everywhere in the world.


Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, founding director of Boston University's Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy & Research. (@BhadeliaMD)

Barkha Dutt, TV journalist and anchor based in New Delhi, formerly with NDTV. Washington Post columnist. Author of "This Unquiet Land: Stories from India's Fault Lines," published in 2015. (@BDUTT)

Shabir Madhi, professor of vaccinology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Co-director of the African Leadership Initiative for Vaccinology Expertise (ALIVE). (@ShabirMadh)

Reyna Durón, she runs the COVID observatory at the Central American Technological University in Tegucigalpa.

Dr. Deborah Cohen, health correspondent for BBC Newsnight. (@deb_cohen)

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Stanley Perlman, professor of microbiology, immunology and pediatrics at the University of Iowa. He has studied coronaviruses for nearly 40 years. (@UIowaMicrobio)

From The Reading List

Washington Post: "Opinion: India failed to save the living from covid-19. Now, it won’t count the dead." — "For the past 10 days, at the peak of India’s second covid-19 wave, I have traveled through remote villages in the country’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, documenting corpses that have been dumped in our holiest rivers."

The Guardian: "Third wave sweeps across Africa as Covid vaccine imports dry up" — "African countries face a last-ditch battle against a third wave of COVID infections, as the supply of vaccines to the continent 'grinds to a halt,' top health officials have warned."

ABC News: "More than 1 million COVID-19 deaths in Latin America highlight poverty and health care concerns" — "In the United States and other Western nations, the toll from COVID-19 is finally beginning to ease, at least in part, because of the rapid rollout of highly effective vaccines."

PBS: "How COVID-19 is driving political, economic crises in Latin America" — "Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Costa Rica, meeting with leaders from Central America as COVID-19 worsens across Latin America and the Caribbean."

Associated Press: "US to swiftly boost global vaccine sharing, Biden announces" — "President Joe Biden announced Thursday the U.S. will swiftly donate an initial allotment of 25 million doses of surplus vaccine overseas through the United Nations-backed COVAX program, promising infusions for South and Central America, Asia, Africa and others at a time of glaring shortages abroad and more than ample supplies at home."

This program aired on June 8, 2021.


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