Masks Off On May 29: Answering Listener Coronavirus Questions

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Eleven days and counting until a new normal here in Massachusetts. That's when residents can return to all businesses and venues in the commonwealth with no capacity restrictions, and no masks in most cases.

What do these huge changes mean for businesses, residents, and schools? And what other questions does it raise?

We take listener calls with Dr. Davidson Hamer, an infectious diseases physician at Boston Medical Center and a professor of infectious diseases and medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine. And Dr. Gabriela Andujar Vazquez, an infectious disease physician, Associate Hospital Epidemiologist and Medical Director of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program at Tufts Medical Center.

This segment aired on May 18, 2021.

Jamie Bologna Senior Producer/Director, Radio Boston
Jamie Bologna was senior producer and director of Radio Boston.


Tiziana Dearing Host, Radio Boston
Tiziana Dearing is the host of Radio Boston.



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