Tell us: What was the moment that Boston truly felt like home to you?

Spectators on Lamartine Street at the 2017 Jamaica Plain Porchfest. (Elizabeth Gillis/WBUR)
Spectators on Lamartine Street at the 2017 Jamaica Plain Porchfest. (Elizabeth Gillis/WBUR)

Everything about the song "Dirty Water" is weird. It's a Boston tune recorded by a bunch of Californians who'd never been to Massachusetts. The guy who wrote it penned the lyrics after coming to Boston and getting mugged. Hell, the water isn't even that dirty anymore.

So, why is it sewn into the fabric of the city? Why do the Red Sox and Bruins play it when they win? Because of one line:

"Boston, you're my home."

Not everyone feels at home where they live, of course. If you've ever moved apartments or bought a house, you know that feeling. But for lots of people, there's a little moment, something that happens, that moves your thinking from "this is where I live" to "this is home."

That's true for cities, too. If you moved to the Boston area as an adult, you likely didn't have a monumental "a-ha!" moment that made you claim this city as your own. It was probably a small, everyday encounter that suddenly struck you with homey feelings.

Maybe it was when your favorite dumpling place remembered your order. Or when you and the bus driver shared a knowing look. Perhaps it was the first time you were late to work because of the Green Line, or maybe it was your first sip of iced Dunkin' during a snowstorm.

If this has happened to you, we'd love to hear about it. Please share your story in the little form below (we may even contact you to chat more).


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