Peking To Paris Challenge, NFL Magician Jon Dorenbos, WADA Bans Russia

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(Gerard Brown)
Anton Gonnissen and his co-driver Herman Gelan began their trip at the Great Wall of China near Beijing. (Gerard Brown)

In 1907, Auguste Pons tried and failed to complete a 10,000-mile race from Peking to Paris on a trike. This week on Only A GameAnton Gonnissen's attempt to finish what was started 112 years ago. Also, the story of former NFL player Jon Dorenbos, who found solace in magic and football after a family tragedy. And, in response to the World Anti-Doping Agency's latest ban on Russia, the country's boxers are threatening to boycott the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Join us!

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Peking To Paris: Completing A 10,000-Mile Motor Race … 112 Years Later
In 1907, Auguste Pons ran out of fuel in the Gobi desert, ending his quest to drive from Peking to Paris. 112 years later, Anton Gonnissen attempted to finish what Pons started.

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Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports
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Magic, Football And Tragedy: The Story Of Jon Dorenbos
Jon Dorenbos played in the NFL and may be even more impressive as a magician. But he came to both magic and football through tragedy.

This program aired on December 14, 2019.


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