Cambridge Mayor Says His City Should Build A Supervised Consumption Site Following Philadelphia Court Ruling

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Insite, a supervised injection site in Vancouver (Courtesy Insite)
Insite, a supervised injection site in Vancouver (Courtesy Insite)

There's significant news out of federal court in Philadelphia which could have impacts here in the Boston area.

A federal judge is ruling that a nonprofit there can go forward with its plans to open a supervised consumption site in the city. These are places where people can consume illegal opioids under medical supervision.

Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone says he wants to open a supervised consumption site next year.

Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern also supports the idea. "I have more than just interest I want to do this," McGovern told Radio Boston Thursday.

"The main obstacle or hurdle that people opposed to safe consumption sites have put up has been the legal implications," he said. "And so this ruling I think goes a long way in alleviating those concerns."


Marc McGovern, mayor of Cambridge. He tweets @MarcGov.

Nancy Gertner, former Massachusetts federal judge, senior lecturer at Harvard Law School and WBUR legal analyst. She tweets @ngertner.

This segment aired on October 3, 2019.


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