Note From WBUR GM & CEO: "We Will Be Here For You Throughout"

A message from WBUR CEO & GM Margaret Low:

The coronavirus is a once-in-a-generation crisis that is touching our lives in profound and unsettling ways. We’re all trying to comprehend the enormity of what is unfolding. Just know this — WBUR will be here for you throughout. We're doubling down on our reporting, on-air and online, with deep, reliable, up-to-the-minute coverage. We believe our job is to be your indispensable source of news, information, conversation and occasionally comfort, as we make our way through these difficult times — together.

As NPR covers the essential stories across the country and around the world, we’ve launched a coronavirus news desk to monitor what is happening here at home. Our local reporters are covering the science, the testing, the research, as well as the impact of this virus on our health systems, schools, business, sports and life.

We’re talking to local decision-makers on a daily basis. We’re also collecting your pressing questions and will have our reporters, editors and subject matter experts provide answers. While we navigate this uncharted territory, we promise to cover other stories that delight and distract along the way.

For your convenience, I’ve put together a list of resources that might make life a little easier in the days and weeks ahead. I hope you get a chance to read the stories below.

Coronavirus Resources from WBUR

Your Guide to Breaking News
WBUR is compiling news as information about the coronavirus outbreak evolves. Here's your guide to staying up-to-date.

Live Blog: Coronavirus Updates
Your 30-second briefing: Baker Bans Gatherings Of More Than 250; Boston Marathon Postponed; No State-Wide School Closures For Now. Follow our coronavirus blog for live updates.

Sign Up For Coronavirus Email Alerts
Want to know when WBUR and NPR report on breaking coronavirus news? Sign up for email alerts.

Map: Coronavirus Cases In Massachusetts
A county-by-county look at presumptive and confirmed positive cases of coronavirus in Massachusetts.

Submit Coronavirus Questions
What questions about the coronavirus keep swirling in your head? What haven't you seen answered anywhere else? Submit your questions and the CommonHealth team will do its best to find answers.

Ways to listen to WBUR
Review the on-air schedule, listen to our latest local newscasts, and find additional ways to stay informed at



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