(Sabina Hahn for WBUR)

Road Trip Reels


Introducing...Circle Round Road Trip Reels!

Whether you’re setting out in a plane, train, or automobile, download our Road Trip Reels and enjoy back-to-back Circle Round stories guaranteed to keep you and your family engaged and entertained through every mile!

60-70 minute Road Trip Reels:

Playing By Ear: Tap your toes and perk up your ears for a harmonious hour of stories about music, including “The Drum,” “Sadko and the Sea,” and “The Piper and the Pooka."

Simple Gifts: Put a little love in your heart with a selection of stories about generosity, including “The Three-Legged Pot,” “The Beggar and the Baker’s Daughter,” and “Nilsa and the Troll.”

90-110 minute Road Trip Reels:

Casting a Spell: This mystical playlist includes an enchanting assortment of tales about magic, including “The Hat, The Horn, and the Purse,” “The Rice Cakes and the Oni,” and “The Barber’s Secret.”

Family Ties: Enjoy a heartwarming compilation of stories about family, including “The Months of the Year,” “100 Rooms,” and “The Lion’s Whisker.”

A Feast For Your Ears: Feast your ears on tantalizing tales about food, including “Fiona and the Fairies,” “A Taste of Honey,” and “The Unwelcome Guest."

Animal Kingdom: This exciting playlist features nearly two hours of stories about our furry and feathered friends, including "The Goat in the Garden," "Stella and the Dragon," and “The Magpie With Salt On Her Tail."


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