Understanding The Climate Threats To The Blue Line, MBTA

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As part of WBUR's "Boston Underwater" series, we go to the water's edge in Boston: Belle Isle Marsh. The marsh is a stop along the T's Blue Line, which features a mile-long tunnel that travels underwater, and connects the North Shore with Boston's downtown.

 But as sea levels rise along Boston's coast, the marsh is the last thing standing between the ocean and maybe the end of the Blue Line as we know it. And it serves as a bellwether to future climate-related issues in Boston.

We speak with WBUR reporter Simón Ríos and Julie Wormser, Deputy Director at the Mystic River Watershed Association.

This segment aired on June 15, 2021.


Headshot of Simón Rios

Simón Rios Reporter
Simón Rios is an award-winning bilingual reporter in WBUR's newsroom.


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Jamie Bologna Senior Producer/Director, Radio Boston
Jamie Bologna was senior producer and director of Radio Boston.


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Paris Alston Host, Consider This
Paris Alston was WBUR's host of the Consider This podcast and a former producer for Radio Boston.


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Tiziana Dearing is the host of Radio Boston.



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